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UK Catapult Centres Billion-pound backing – what’s going on?

19 Sep 18

In August 2018 UK government agencies announced £750 million of new money for Catapult Centres to help “Britain’s world-leading researchers and entrepreneurs … create the technologies of tomorrow”.


If you’re involved in innovation one of these centres could provide the skills and resources you need to turn your innovative ideas into reality. 

There are currently ten catapult centres straddling the UK covering a wide range of potential research and development (R&D) strands e.g. cell and gene therapy, high value manufacturing, future cities, transport, medicine, energy systems and digital. The aim is to provide “world-leading centres designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth”.

They are keen to support all types of businesses with an interest in innovation so each catapult has a business development team. They hold events and walk-in surgeries plus there are opportunities to bid to be part of specific programs. 

picture to illustrate digital catapult

Some are reasonably well established such as the Digital Catapult which is head-quartered in London and Brighton – its mission is to “accelerate early adoption of advanced digital technologies”.

Others are just getting established, such as The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult based in Wales, earlier this month it announced its first commercial agreement with the University of Bristol.

Each catapult has a wide reach – in fact the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HMV Catapult) is spread across a network: “Our 7 centres offer access to world-class equipment, expertise and collaborative opportunities. We work with manufacturing businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.”

Visit the Catapult website for more information and who knows, if you haven't already done so, you may soon turn your innovative ideas into reality!

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