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The increase in support in 2013-14 was mostly driven by a higher number of SME claims, with the total value of SME claims rising to an all-time high of £800m in corporation tax reductions and tax credit payments. One reason is thought to be the removal on 1st April 2012 of the rule limiting payable R&D tax credits to the amount of an SME’s total payroll/PAYE tax liability, as well as...
In his Autumn Statement on 3rd December 2014 the UK Chancellor announced a number of changes to the Research and Development tax relief/credit schemes. The changes relate to both the large company (RDEC) scheme and the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) R&D tax credit scheme. The good news is that the changes are generally very positive with the rates of relief increased for both schemes...
There is a group of five Corporation Tax reliefs for creative industries including new tax relief schemes for the animation, high-end television and video games industries. The Television tax relief (which includes animation) is available for expenditure from 1 April 2013. Video games companies across the UK have been able to claim tax relief on their production costs, since the government’s...
On 7th December 2014 the Government announced the launch of the Business Growth Service. NOTE: the Business Growth Service was unexpectedly axed as part of the last spending review (November 2015) - this blog has been kept for archive reaons. The new service will be an amalgamation of Growth Accelerator and the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) schemes and will also include the...
There is still a lot of misinformation around about what R&D tax credits are and who can claim them. People confuse the R&D tax credits and relief scheme with the more creative tax avoidance schemes. This is a pity as R&D tax credits are an excellent UK government initiative. R&D tax credits are legal – here is the proof! I was delighted to receive the communication below by...
R&D insights – no. 4 Welcome to this special post published from our five part mini series – R&D insights – covering key things you should know about Research and Development (R&D) tax credits. What is the cash value of R&D tax credits? Before identifying what the value of R&D tax credits might be to your company, it’s worth noting that the UK Government’s R&D tax...
Research & Development tax credits – A to Z Qualification You can qualify for research and development tax credit if you undertake activities that involve resolving scientific or technological uncertainties to achieve an advance in science and/or technology. Now you might think that you don’t make advances in science or technology. But the advance may be a new or significantly improved...
I have many satisfied clients that have claimed back tens of thousands of pounds in Research and Development Tax Relief and Tax Credit, yet it is the many that don’t take that step that I am concerned with here. Why would a company that qualifies for R&D tax relief not make a claim? If you read this headline would you be ever so slightly interested? “MD’s – find out how to earn £40,000...
One of the common misunderstandings, that I see all the time, is the assumption that because a company is doing development but no real research they don’t qualify for research and development tax credit. This simply is not the case; it is the development aspect of a company’s activities that is often where the R&D qualifying costs are. Plastics example Water bottle production...
There are plenty of misunderstandings about research and development tax credits for software developers – the good news is that many software developers can and should be claiming Research and Development Tax Credits. Complex website designers, games software developers and web application developers should certainly look at claiming research development tax credit for software development...

Are you ready to find out if you qualify or how much your R&D claims could be worth?


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