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A recent report by PwC, in collaboration with The Crowdfunding Center: Women unbound - Unleashing female entrepreneurial potential - has revealed startling findings. Below I have summarised a few of the most fascinating findings and conclusions – you can download the full 24 page report by following the link below this article.   Based on two years of seed crowdfunding data from...
Linda Eziquiel, Principal Consultant at RandDTax, outlines three compelling reasons why UK technology companies should be looking closely at their eligibility to claim Research and Development tax relief. Many commentators acknowledge that the UK’s technology sector is an important player in driving growth in our economy. It’s a success story that we can talk about with pride.  One of the...
Crowdfunding has become a popular way of raising funding for a wide range of different needs, so we have aimed to give you a brief flavour of what’s on offer in the UK. The essence of crowd funding and its great strength is that it allows those seeking funding to source that funding from ‘crowds’ i.e. large numbers of people. Each funder provides a small amount of funding, rather than the more...
How can you improve cash flow in your business? Pegasus Funding Resources have written an excellent Whitepaper on the funding options available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at the different stages of growth (Financial Challenges and Pains Faced by SMEs). Below we have summarised some of the key topics covered and added some thoughts of our own.  Fund raising successes are...
As always there has been a lot to catch our interest this month - we have listed and linked to our top choices. We include some examples of fund raising and business growth successes that have been in the news (Deliveroo, MortgageGym, Yopa), links to new reports and articles from Beauhurst on crowd funding volumes, the CBI on how ready UK companies are to adopt and adapt to new digital...
It’s a popular myth that you cannot claim UK Government’s Research & Development (R&D) tax credits if you have received grant funding. This is not strictly true, the grant funding will change how much you can claim under the R&D schemes, but the receipt of grant funding does not necessarily rule you out from claiming R&D tax relief or credits. Many innovative and pioneering...
In a nutshell the answer is yes, innovation in any industry can qualify for Research & Development (R&D) tax credits, brewers are no exception. Read on to see how one craft brewer benefited from reclaiming some of their development costs under the UK R&D tax credit scheme. When we first met with The Ramsgate Brewery they were already award winning brewers but no company can rest on...
Horizon 2020 is an European wide initiative that runs from 2014 to 2020 and has a budget of around €80 billion available to allocated over the seven years to 2020. It’s about supporting innovation and bringing more ideas to market. Here is just a small flavour of some of the UK companies, projects and activities that have been successful in securing Horizon 2020 funding: The London branch...
In the UK we have a great tradition of architectural and engineering innovation and with the advance of technology, the design process involves not just pioneering ideas but pioneering methods to test and develop those ideas.  Many Architects are harnessing the latest digital technology and experimenting with using new materials. And innovation at the ideas level is often accompanied by...
We recently published Part 1: Why planning is vital and the route to exit. Part 2 focuses on the characteristics in your business that will help yield a premium value and what might push the valuation downwards. It lists a number of principles that can be applied to valuing your business. And it looks at some of the value that might be realised when selling to a Trade Buyer and how that differs...

Are you ready to find out if you qualify or how much your R&D claims could be worth?


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