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A recent report by PwC, in collaboration with The Crowdfunding Center: Women unbound - Unleashing female entrepreneurial potential - has revealed startling findings. Below I have summarised a few of the most fascinating findings and conclusions – you can download the full 24 page report by following the link below this article.   Based on two years of seed crowdfunding data from...
Crowdfunding has become a popular way of raising funding for a wide range of different needs, so we have aimed to give you a brief flavour of what’s on offer in the UK. The essence of crowd funding and its great strength is that it allows those seeking funding to source that funding from ‘crowds’ i.e. large numbers of people. Each funder provides a small amount of funding, rather than the more...
How can you improve cash flow in your business? Pegasus Funding Resources have written an excellent Whitepaper on the funding options available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at the different stages of growth (Financial Challenges and Pains Faced by SMEs). Below we have summarised some of the key topics covered and added some thoughts of our own.  Fund raising successes are...
As always there has been a lot to catch our interest this month - we have listed and linked to our top choices. We include some examples of fund raising and business growth successes that have been in the news (Deliveroo, MortgageGym, Yopa), links to new reports and articles from Beauhurst on crowd funding volumes, the CBI on how ready UK companies are to adopt and adapt to new digital...
Horizon 2020 is an European wide initiative that runs from 2014 to 2020 and has a budget of around €80 billion available to allocated over the seven years to 2020. It’s about supporting innovation and bringing more ideas to market. Here is just a small flavour of some of the UK companies, projects and activities that have been successful in securing Horizon 2020 funding: The London branch...
We recently published Part 1: Why planning is vital and the route to exit. Part 2 focuses on the characteristics in your business that will help yield a premium value and what might push the valuation downwards. It lists a number of principles that can be applied to valuing your business. And it looks at some of the value that might be realised when selling to a Trade Buyer and how that differs...
As someone that meets a lot of people running innovative companies, which gives me some knowledge of the challenges they face – I was delighted to see that the CBI has published a report which calls for UK Research & Development (R&D) spend to be raised to 3% of GDP. The report is titled "Now is the time to innovate" and like any report of this nature it’s not a short read, so here is a...
Last month we reported that crowd funding has come of age. This was amply illustrated by the spectacular funding round by Monzo Bank on Crowdcube in March 2017. Monzo is just two years old - their USP - it’s a bank built for your smartphone: “Imagine being able to open a full bank account in 30 seconds from your phone…”  Last year they raised £1m in just 96 seconds and their pitch this time...
Part 1: Why planning is vital and the route to exit. Exit planning is perhaps the most difficult yet most important period in the life cycle of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It is an event that probably only happens once, yet has a profound effect upon the future life, particularly in retirement, of the owners. Research clearly shows that many owner managers fail to achieve the full or...
The Chancellor has spoken and it's a mixed bag for businesses with some welcome news on corporation tax changes but not so welcome news on changes to the tax free dividend allowance, which impacts on small business owners and investors. We summarise the main points relating to corporation tax reductions, R&D red tape, plans to make tax digital and the attack on tax free dividend allowances....

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