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It’s sometimes a challenge to work out what qualifies as Research and Development for UK R&D tax credit and relief funding. Here are some simple examples to stimulate your thinking on this. People have the impression that it only applies to research led projects. The sope is much wider than scientific research led projects activities can include new product or...
In a recent report Untapped Investment the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) warns “at the current pace of R&D investment, UK is estimated to miss the target by £19 billion in 2027”.  The CBI report highlights that “Businesses are changing the way they conduct R&D, from an increasing use of data and analytics, to outsourcing R&D activity to...
I was delighted to be invited to run a webinar for  The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards on Tuesday - fantastic people and loads of great questions. My webinar title is: Claiming Back Development Costs with R&D Tax credits. LAST BLOG | NEXT BLOG The webinar is around 40 minutes long and packed with information as I explained what R...
The UK government launches its  International Research and Innovation Strategy at the EUREKA Global Innovation Summit today (May 16, 2019) The Foreward states that “We are bringing forward the largest investment in R&D for four decades and we are committed to reaching 2.4 per cent of GDP invested in R&D by 2027 and three per cent of GDP in the...
In April 2019 HMRC updated Research and Development tax relief/credit tables showing statistics for claims in 2016-17. Find out what sectors and regions got the greatest share of SME R&D tax credit and relief.  We've compiled the tables for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Research & Development tax credit claims to give you a quick view of where the...
The government announced in the Budget 2018 that the amount of an R&D tax credit cash payment that a loss-making business can receive per accounting period will be capped. This applies to the SME scheme (companies with under 500 employees). Currently if a company has a loss before looking at their R&D costs, or a loss is generated when the...
In December 2018 HMRC posted new case studies for software / IT projects to help people understand where the boundaries are when claiming R&D tax credits for this type of project. Understanding what these cases imply is very important to us and I would imagine our clients as well. Here are my thoughts on their implications for software R&D tax relief/...
The UK autumn budget 2018 slipped in a change that will cap payable research and development (R&D) tax credit from 2020, while increasing the annual investment allowance (AIA) for two years.  The cap on R&D tax credit will adversely impact some companies while the increase in the annual investment allowance will be welcomed as it's something the British...
We’ve known for some time that the UK government is looking to address what they call ‘grey areas’ in software R&D tax credit claims. Some of their concerns seem to run contrary to the spirit of the R&D tax credit scheme. While HMRC says all R&D reports no matter what the industry should have the same content, they have issued new draft guidelines for...
Understanding how UK Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are worked out and what value they bring to a business is not always straight forward. Below I set out the fundamentals. LAST BLOG  |  NEXT BLOG This article should give you a clear view of how UK R&D tax credits are calculated and what the benefits are for Small and Medium...

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