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Accountants' R&D Workshop

RandDTax offers free workshops for accountancy firms and accountants to help accountancy practices recognise R&D done by their clients - book one.

Book now for 5th October 2017: R&D Tax Credits - What You Need to Know - CPD workshop for Accountants 

Tax accountants are also invited to book a complimentary tailored R&D tax credit workshop to be held in your offices.

RandDTax offers free workshops for accountancy practices to address the issue that many accountancy practices could do more to recognise where R&D is being done by their clients.

Are any of your clients already claiming R&D tax credit relief in the UK? If you answered “NO” are you sure you are not missing R&D that is being done by your clients? If you answered “YES” are you confident they have claimed the full value of their qualifying R&D spend?

Our experience is that many companies are still under-claiming or not claiming the R&D tax credits they are entitled to. Sometimes this is because they are simply unaware of the R&D scheme or maybe HMRC has discouraged them or the detailed HMRC guidelines have put them off. This is not because HMRC is doing a bad job, they have tried to keep it simple and are very helpful, but sometime just reading the guidance or taking an HMRC’s officer’s free advice is insufficient because the nature of the company’s R&D is not obvious and therefore more work is needed to uncover the scope of their R&D claim.

To help address this - we offers free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops for individual accountancy firms.

The workshops are held in your offices, designed for audiences of between 1 and 15 people. They last between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on questions and the format is interactive. The focus is mainly on the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) R&D scheme which is due to be altered after a period of consultation.

The aim of the workshop is to help you and your colleagues to:

  • Understand the new R&D claims template for SME’s due to be introduced by HMRC sometime in 2016/17.
  • Better identify where your clients or prospects are performing qualifying R&D.
  • Get a better understanding of how to claim and the record keeping requirements for R&D claims.
  • Understand and clear up some myths and misconceptions which surround R&D tax credits.
  • Discuss issues that trigger HMRC investigations, how to handle them and how to avoid them through compliance.
  • Understand the R&D claims process through looking at some of our case studies.

Please contact us to book a workshop.

We have worked with RandDTax to provide our clients with specialist advice and support in claiming R&D tax relief and tax credits. As a result our more innovative clients have made successful R&D claims, which has helped to fund their investment in R&D. We have found Linda Eziquiel, our lead advisor from RandDTax, to be knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant to work with.

Linda at RandDTax has been a pleasure to work with. We have found the whole process very efficient and instrumental in getting fantastic results for our clients.

With such a valuable HMRC incentive available we highlight the relevance of R & D to our clients and invite them to work with Linda of RandDTax to review their position and submit claims. Linda has been instrumental in securing the R&D Tax relief for a number of our clients in a timely and professional manner and I would highly recommend her services to any client who is eligible for such relief. Thank you for making what could be a minefield a very painless exercise for our clients.


Compare our R&D tax credit specialist claim services with those more commonly provided by accountants


Are you ready to find out if you qualify or how much your R&D claims could be worth?


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Linda Eziquiel is a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business and a Principal Consultant at RandDTax (specialists in Research and Development tax credits) – UK co. reg. no. 08160439.

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